Garage Cleanouts - We clean it out so you can use it!

You have a garage, but still you are left to leave your car parked on the street. It isn’t that you have no room at all in your garage, you just have most of that room filled with stuff you don’t even remember needing in the first place. Nothing can give someone as much of a headache as that moment they step into a garage to clean it, and they don’t even know where to start. You are left looking at:

Old Toys
You bought your kid that toy that they really just needed to have. They played with it for a year, and now it is a broken mess sitting in a pile in your garage. It is now part of a mountain of toys stacked into the corner. Let Kapur’s Cleanout come to your house, and leave with the broken toys. No need for your children to see their memories on the curb. Let them think of the future, not the past.

Old Tools
Every year for Christmas, someone buys you a hammer. You have five hammers, six saws, and who knows how many other miscellaneous tools. You are never going to use them, and it is a hazard to have them just laying around. The first thing you need to do is have Kapur’s Cleanout come pull that junk out of the garage. The second thing you need to do is tell your family to stop buying you more.

Old Decorations
Remember the 80’s? Remember that fancy décor? Well, guess what? That style is not coming back. Why clutter your garage with a bunch of styles that you would never be caught dead with inside your home? Why not let Kapur’s Cleanouts take that mess off your hands, and take it where it belongs?

Everything Else
I could continue to list more things in your garage, but let’s be honest; you don’t even know everything that is in there. A happy home is a clean home. And a happy car is a car that can be parked inside of its garage. Isn’t it time you put your car, and your junk, in the proper place?

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