Apartment Cleanouts – Need quick removal of Junk?

You are a good landlord, but sometimes, your tenants decide to move on. Maybe they are moving to a new town. Maybe they found a place closer to work. Maybe they just wanted to make a new life. For whatever reason, it is very possible that you will one day have an empty apartment unit to rent out. Sadly, sometimes you are left with a unit that isn’t empty.

Sometimes people move, and they don’t take all of their stuff with them. They will be in a hurry, and won’t have the time to take everything, or they just won’t care. The only thing you know, is that you walk into the unit to find an apartment full of junk. Time is money, and you sure are not going to get a paying tenant to move in any time soon with the place looking the way it does. That is why you have someone come get the stuff for you.

In no time at all, you will have the place ready for the market. Thanks to Kapur’s Cleanout, your fresh space will be without:

Old furniture
Old clutter
Old cloths
Broken TVs
Anything else your old tenants decided they didn’t need any more.

You already have enough to worry about when finding a new tenant, don’t let junk removal be another one to add to the list. You focus on the happiness of your other tenants, and future tenants. Let Kapur’s Cleanout worry about the junk. Kapur's offers same day service and competitive pricing.

We service Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Morris, Union, and the Surrounding Counties in Northern NJ. Call Dave Today for a quick quote!

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