Quick facts about Appliance Removal

· Many things can be made from the recycling of refrigerators; metal, plastic, and glass can be made from recycling.

Metal can make cans, nails, and rebar. Plastic can be used for cell phones, computers, and containers.

· Can possibly be donated or recycled.

· More than nine million refrigerators are disposed of in the United States each year.


  • 9 out of 10 people would recycle if it were an easier task
  • Aluminum cans can be recycled and ready to use in just six weeks
  • Glass is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again. Glass that is thrown away winds in the landfill, and will never decompose
  • Up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in a dust pan could be recycled
  • One recycled glass bottle can save enough energy to power a computer for twenty five minutes
  • 70% less energy is used to recycle paper compared to the energy that it takes to make it with raw materials
  • If all the rubbish in the UK were to be collected, it could fill the largest lake in Brittain for 8 months



Let’s face it, junk removal can be a serious pain. No one ever said, “Hey, now that my work-day is finished, I am so excited to remove the left over junk.” It is times like these that makes it nice to know that someone can come and remove the junk for you. Let Kapur’s Cleanout remove the junk from a few of these areas in your life:

1) Your Attic

It doesn’t have to be a pain every holiday when you climb into the attic for your decorations. Let someone move the junk out, so that the things you need to get to are easier to find.

2) Your Office

You are moving your way up at the company. You bought all new furniture for the office. Now, what are you going to do with all that old, and outdated stuff? Let someone move those eyesores out for you.

3) During Relocation

You are ready to move, start fresh. Though, in order to have that fresh start, you are going to need to get rid of all the old. Let someone take the past, so that you can look at the future.

4) Your Mattress

Sometimes, having a mattress delivered isn’t in the cards. Maybe you need the mattress right away, or they only have it in stock for pick-up only. The problem is, what are you going to do with the old mattresses? Why not have someone come to your house, and take them away? Just because you needed a new mattress, doesn’t mean you have to be forced to keep the old one too.

5) Debris Removal

Debris is everywhere. In any house, on any jobsite, in any building, debris is just sitting there. It isn’t doing anything functional. It is just there. Let someone take that someplace where it can function… away from you.

6) Your Furniture

You just got all new furniture. Maybe someone you know gave it to you. Maybe you bought the floor model. Maybe you just got home and realized your house already has furniture in it. It is time to call someone to get that furniture out.

7) Your Apartment

Your last tenant just left. They made sure to take their bed, TV, posters, and DVDs, but they left everything else. How are you going to rent this space out quickly with so much junk in it? Easy. You just have someone come and remove the junk for you.

8) Your Garage

Why do houses have garages? Is it for the car, or is it for the junk? Let’s clean out that junk, so that your car has a place to call home too.

9) During Demolition

Who says demolition had to be messy? Everyone who has ever done demolition, that’s who. Just because it is a mess, doesn’t mean it has to end a mess. Have someone come take that mess off of your hands.


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